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The Body Shop – Matte Lipstick REVIEW

So to start off my newly re-purposed blog, I thought I’d begin with a quick review of The Body Shop’s Matte Lipstick range. I purchased three colours, (from left to right) 420 Honolulu Pink, 423 Rio Fuchsia, and 425 Lima Magenta!

Now I’ll try to be as impartial as possible with this review, but it’s no secret that I’m absolute Body Shop trash and honestly they could release a range of god-awful bright orange and blue eye shadows and I’d still probably fangirl ~ but alas, I’ll try to reign myself in!

First I started with a quick arm swatch ~ from bottom to top (420, 423, 425).


Now as you can see from this picture, 423 and 425 have a very similar hue on the skin despite the fact that 425 is a much more dark purple in the stick. Below, you can see what I’m talking about.


(420 Honolulu Pink, 423 Rio Fuchsia, 425 Lima Magenta)

Given that these are matte lipsticks, they are of course a little drying; so I would definitely recommend using a lip balm or moisturising lip primer before application. Without one I found the lipsticks a little bit stiff to glide, particularly the darker shades 423 and 425. However, like I said, a small dab of lip balm and your good to go!

Here are the results below of how they look on my lips. The first column is bare lips to give a bit of reference since 420 is a very light shade.


Like I expected from the arm swatch, 423 and 425 are very similar. So much so that if I decide to repurchase I’ll probably only buy one of them. That said, I was quite impressed with how long they wear. After first application of  420 (the lightest shade), I found I didn’t need to top up for roughly 4 hours, and that included eating and drinking. I can assume the darker colours would last a little longer than that.

And bonus, even after hours of use I didn’t see any of the dreaded dryness or cracking which often tend to come as a side effect of matte lipsticks! Yay for moisture!

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