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Missha Geumseol Tension Pact SPF30 PA++ REVIEW

First off, the design of this compact is so pretty – some people might find it a little bit old ladyish, but I’m totally in love!


This particular cushion compact comes in three shades, #1 Bright Light, #2 Soft Light, and #3 Healthy Light. Being the ever pale ghost that I am, I went for no.1 in hopes that it would be a good enough match for me.

The pictures below explain that #1 has a pink base, whilst #2 and #3 have a yellow base. I have mostly pink undertones so I figured #1 would be my best bet!

Missha_Geumseol_Tension_Pact_SPF30_PA++_1 (1)

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 5.55.45 PM

Now I guess one of the main selling points of this pact is that it has two nets for dispensing the foundation. The first is a fine mesh net and the second an elastic tension net (with a really lovely rose pattern) intended to better distribute the foundation onto the cushion.



Upon first testing on my arm, I was a little worried that even the #1 shade would be too dark for me. Granted I am much paler on my arms than on my face but even so, for a second there I had a little moment thinking I’d be handing this pact over to my Mum since she has a darker skin tone.


But PRIASE, the make-up gods blessed me, and the pact turned out to be an amazing match on my face; I could hardly believe it. To be fair though, I think part of the reason it lightened up on my face is because I use Banila Hello Sunny Sun Block as my primer/moisturiser before make-up which has a fair amount of white cast to it. I’ve no doubt that this mixed enough with the Missha Geumseoul pact to lighten it to my skin tone.

Before picture; with a lot of pigmentation from a breakout I’ve been having on my cheeks and chin T.T




I took these pictures in the exact same place, and tried to apply the product as quickly as possible so as to avoid any change in lighting in my room, and as you can see; holy moly that coverage.

Seriously I was totally stunned at how well it covered my spots and blemishes with just one application on my face. It initially goes on with a medium to light coverage but it’s definitely buildable. I always want my foundation to look as natural as possible so I’m inclined to wear less and let a few blemishes show through, than wear more and feel like I have a lot of product on my face.

The texture is really light and silky on the skin, and the finish definitely leans towards the glowier, shinier side of foundations – which is great if you strive for that natural look but not so great if you like your finish more matte. It did get a little bit shiner throughout the day, but honestly my face kind of does that with all foundations so a little pat of blotting paper and I was good to go!

I’m now totally head over heels for this pact, since it seems to give me serious cover without the need to be caking my face in make-up and concealer.

I bought mine here on JOLSE for $26.33

Thanks for reading ~ have a lovely day everyone! ❤

7 thoughts on “Missha Geumseol Tension Pact SPF30 PA++ REVIEW”

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  2. It looks lovely! I was waiting for a review of it! By the way, usually which color do you go for in korean foundation: 13 or 21, or even 13 is too light for you? or BE10 in Banila co?
    And do you think it’s yellow-toned or not so much? Thank you!


    1. Hii! Well a while back I used to use the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in no.13 and I would definitely say that this cushion is a fair amount darker that that. However I’ve never used any of Missha’s actual foundations before so I can’t really say how much of a match this cushion is to those shades. I’m really pale so I always go for the lightest shade possible in K-foundations and western ones (my MAC shade is NW10)! Also, I’m afraid I’m not sure either about Banila – I only use their SPF and CC cream.

      No, I didn’t notice any yellow-tones 🙂 If anything, I’d say the most noticeable undershade is a very light pink/peach colour!

      I hope this is helpful! ^^*


      1. Thank you! Yes, this is useful 😉 I also usually go for the lightest shade they have for Korean foundations and everytime it was find except for the banila co BE10 which was super super light. Normally the 13 shade is OK for me but I can also go for 21.
        I’m not sure about my mac shade but I think I must be a bit darker than NW10. So maybe I could go for both 1 or 2 here.


  3. Hi I know this is an old post but Im thinking of buying this and im really worried it might be too dark for me.. The best shade I’ve ever found was the ordinary 1.0, do you know how this compares to it? Or like, how does it compare to the etude house ac clean up mild cushion in the lightest shade ( I love it but its too dark for me really, even w its sheer coverag)?


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